Francis’ Biography


Francis was born in 1957 in Scotland.  He was raised by his mother, who worked cleaning houses for the elderly.  One day when Francis was 4, he accompanied his mother to work.  The elderly woman they worked for complained of her back hurting.  Francis started praying for her back pain and saw energy come from his hands and go into her back.  With great delight, she said her back no longer hurt.  Francis told his mother what he had seen. She was very upset and told him not to tell anyone.  So Francis started healing the animals in the neighborhood.  He told them not to tell anyone or his mother would be upset.  He continued to pray for those who were ill, and they got better.  Still, he could not tell anyone.  Francis started doing hands on healing in London in his late 20’s.  He had 6 clinics there before coming to the US. Francis has been successful healing people of every kind of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition.  Some of the conditions include cancer, tumors, MS, fibromyalgia, diabetes, epilepsy, deafness, allergies, arthritis, Lyme disease, migraines, depression, and sexual abuse.  Francis is an expert on back pain and autism.  He has been featured in TV documentaries and newspapers and has performed healing in many countries around the world.

When you come for healing, Francis will ask God to bless you with what ever you wish as long as it is for your highest good.  Almost everyone who asks for a blessing, get what they ask for.  Jesus himself told Francis, many years ago, tell people to ask and they shall surely receive.

During the healing session Spiritual Healing energy comes from God through Francis to the person getting healing.  Then over the next few days, the person should see or feel some improvement.  Most people even with chronic conditions report improvement within 4 to 6 weeks.

Many years ago A Golden Angel appeared to Francis giving him three options.  Of the three choices,  Francis chose to dedicate his life to healing the sick and suffering and putting his life in Gods hands.


Francis The Healer