Class Schedule


All classes are $108 per session.  Classes are approximately three hours.  Two hours

of instruction and one hour of Q&A.  Classes are provided through Zoom.

To register, please pay and then email and provide

the date of the session you would like to attend.  We will send out the meeting link

the night before the session.

How to Harness and Use Your Inner Strength - In this class, learn to tap into the hidden power within and harness your inner strength to help you create the life you

want to live.  This will help you manifest something better than you have.  It can be

used to change your life for the better.  It can help you change your job, manifest new opportunities, develop self confidence, create peace of mind, or achieve anything you want, including a stress free life.

Dates and Times(Pacific Time):

Saturday               June 20th           10am

Monday                June 22th             7pm 

Wednesday           June 24th             5pm

Healing Class:

Francis will teach how to heal yourself and strengthen your Aura; how to release

stress, tension, grief, and all negativity through Chakra cleansing; and how to activate your third eye in Meditation. Francis will also teach Mantras that strengthen and

protect from all harm.

Francis sends out healing energy to everyone in the class for the whole two hours to

help you get the energy flowing in your own bodies.  It is very much like getting a

two hour healing session, so if you are sensitive, you may feel significant shifts.

Session 2 is only for those who have already taken Session 1 and have been

practicing what they have learned.  The healing classes are meant for spiritual progression, and session 2 adds onto the practices learned in session 1.

Dates and Times(California Time):

Session 1

Saturday               June 27th           10am

Session 2

Sunday                June 28th           10am

Please use the button below to pay for your session.  Fees are per session.