Class Schedule


All classes are $108 per session.  Classes are approximately three hours.  Two hours

of instruction and one hour of Q&A.  Classes are provided through Zoom. 

To register, please pay and then email and provide

the date of the session you would like to attend.  We will send out the meeting link

the night before the session.

Please use the button below to pay for your session.  Fees are per session. 

Healing Class Part 3:

This will be an intense class with chakra cleansing, strengthening your aura, and

moving the energy to your third eye from kundalini. It will also help your ability to be

strong and stay healthy.  All who do this class will get at least two hours of healing

energy flowing through them.

If you have a chronic condition, text me at (818) 900-5886, and I will work on it during class.  I will work on your chakra that needs the most work.  As always, I will

give you the tools and know-how to spiritually evolve.  How high you go depends on


Date                                                                        Time

Saturday Oct 17                                                    10:00 AM PST