Healing Sessions


Healing is done in the Guest House behind the main house. (Please do not disturb the people living in the main house). Please enter through the gate on the right side of the garage.  Please remove your shoes at the door of the guest house before entering and turn off all cell phones.

When you come for healing, please don’t rush. Arrive 20 minutes early, use the restroom if needed, turn off cell phones and sit quietly for at least 10-20 min before and stay at least 10-20 minutes after to integrate the healing. Healing sessions last 30 minutes.  Once Francis sees you, if he feels you need a longer session, he will provide it; but very few do.

If you are late, your appointment may be given away.  If you miss the appointment without canceling ahead of time, you might not be able to make another one.  Your time is valuable and so is ours.  We have a lot of people waiting for appointments, so please be courteous.

When in the healing room, please let Francis know briefly what concerns you would like him to address. You can ask for one thing to be healed. Healing takes time. It takes about six weeks to see the full benefits of a healing session.  Depending on the condition, you may need additional sessions. 

Please keep in mind that results vary by person.  Just as no two people are the same, what one person feels, sees, experiences may be quite different from someone else.  There are many factors that play into healing including mental, physical and spiritual state, diet, karma, etc...Almost everyone gets some benefit.  It may not necessarily be the benefit you expected.

After your session, it’s good to drink lots of warm water as it helps the body to release toxins.  Also, try not to do anything strenuous for at least two hours. Just take it easy.

Distant Healing - Email the name and a picture of the person needing healing and the condition to Francis at dh.francisthehealer@gmail.com. You can also leave this information with one of the volunteers when you come for healing.  Please note that Francis checks this email everyday.  He may not reply to you due to the volume of emails, but the healing goes out as soon as he reads it.  Thank You.