Skype Sessions



If you would like a face to face healing session and cannot come because you are bedridden, in hospital, out of state or it’s just impossible for you to come physically to one of the healing locations, we can organize one over Skype. 

Below are the steps for organizing a Skype session:

1) Skype sessions are no longer on a donation basis.  Sessions are $125 each payable in advance.  Please use the button below to pay :

        Skype Payment 


2) Once you have made your payment.  Please email Francis at:

Provide your name, Skype contact information, a brief description of the problem, where you are located, and the date and times that work best for you.  Francis prefers to address one problem at a time, so please pick what is most important to you.

  1. 3)Please “friend” francisthehealer on Skype before your session.  Francis will   call you when it is your time.

4) During your session, please have your laptop propped up on a table or chair so Francis can see you.  Please be relaxed and lie down on a bed or couch.  Many people fall asleep during the healing session so it is best to be lying down.  Please make sure you don’t have any plans right after the healing session.  It is best to lie still and rest for at least 30 minutes after the session to help integrate the energy.