Skype Sessions



If you would like a face to face healing session and cannot come because you are bedridden, in hospital, out of state or it’s just impossible for you to come physically to one of the healing locations, we can organize one over Skype. 

Below are the steps for organizing a Skype session:

1)     Please make a donation:

        Skype Donation       

We request you make a donation first for two reasons: a) When you make a            Skype donation, we are notified that someone is requesting a Skype session.  Since we receive a lot of emails on a daily basis, this helps us identify those waiting to be scheduled vs those requesting distant healing.  b) We rely on donations to cover our costs.  Unfortunately, people sometimes forget to make a donation even after having multiple Skype sessions.

The suggested donation for a Skype healing session is $108, but you can give whatever you can afford. 

  1. 2)    Please email Francis:

Provide your name, Skype contact information, a brief description of the problem, where you are located, and the date and times that work best for you.  Francis prefers to address one problem at a time, so please pick what is most important to you.

  1. 3)   Please “friend” francisthehealer on Skype before your session.  Francis will   call you when it is your time.